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Digitalisation for ESG

Environment, social and governance, otherwise known as ESG, are the markers for an organisations ESG report and strategy.

An ESG strategy is essential for many reasons; it documents an organisation’s sustainability strategy and offers complete transparency against potential ESG risks and opportunities.

Concerned about what ESG means for your business, you are not alone. In this blog our CEO, Dan Shields explains what ESG means for businesses and discusses how technology can help.

E - Environment

  • energy consumption and carbon emission reduction are at the heart of the ESG business model. With technology, we can use sensors to understand how the site, buildings and assets operate. We can help identify inefficiencies in operation, maintenance, and equipment performance. These inefficiencies – without visibility of data – could go unnoticed from one year to the next.
  • Connecting devices to buildings and the systems and assets within, allow us to extract data. Through big data analytics and algorithms, we can then ascertain any operational performance inefficiencies and, in turn, reduce inefficiencies and see the environmental improvements.
  • Understanding and maintaining operational efficiency for buildings and the systems, machines, and assets is critical for environmental considerations. For this you need data and visibility through software platforms, dashboards and apps. Data that drives change to your business processes and functions to reduce environmental impact.

S – Social

  • Social value comes from the economic, social and environmental outcomes driven by organisations. Employees want their employers to do the right thing, and customers look to the eco-conscious organisation. Managing and maintaining your business’ operational performance contributes to the social impact as you can demonstrate operational efficiencies, energy reduction strategies and successes, carbon reduction and environmental impact through data and visualisation tools from CODA.
  • Showing your customers, supply chain, colleagues, and the wider community the evidence of your business is doing the right thing is hugely important. Maintaining operational performance through real-time data and gaining insights into impact and impact reduction. Providing reports and visibility shows the wider community how you have social value at the heart of your business.

G – Governance

  • Governance covers many areas, from managing your supply chain to visibility of activities, compliance and reporting against carbon commitments and Netzero.
  • Encouraging supply chains to do the right thing and follow your lead is essential and showcasing operational efficiency activities, they can also see how they could improve their operations and add value to yours.
  • Showcasing and demonstrating energy and emissions reduction and the route to Netzero can be supported by CODA through dashboards, apps and Digital Twin technologies.
  • CODA can also support compliance reporting on multiple areas from H&S measures to legionella testing and carbon reporting – these are all possible once you are collecting the data with CODA.
  • Data collected by CODA provides the evidence, visibility and reporting as part of your governance. Operational improvement activities undertaken by CODA are also reported upon for governance purposes.

The digitalisation of your business and business practices provides the insights to enable you to make the changes that positively reduce your environmental impact, do the right thing for your customers, colleagues and local communities and through dashboards and displays, reports and apps, showcase your commitments to NetZero.

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