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Improved Energy Efficiency Reduces the Cost of Moving Off-Grid

Both as individuals and as businesses, we are more environmentally aware than ever before and have a greater understanding of how our actions can impact the world around us. In a bid to reduce carbon emissions and progress the journey to NetZero2050, some companies are considering greener, off-grid, energy supplies such as solar photovoltaics, heat pumps and battery storage.

There are many opportunities for technology and infrastructure to be self-sufficient from its energy generation, which is excellent news for the grid and for the environment. However, moving to alternative, off-grid energy supplies can be a costly process, particularly when the energy consumption of the building or site is high. Another sticking point may be that the payback on the move away from grid energy may not be quick enough to justify the investment.

The good news is that CODA makes it possible to reduce the scale of this investment while still going green. CODA, our unique combination of cost-effective monitoring control and data analytics, can help you to reduce the overall energy consumption of your building by up to as much as 40%. This significant improvement in energy efficiency means that the size and specification of the off-grid technologies required by the building will be substantially reduced. In turn, the overall financial cost of moving to a greener, off-grid energy supply will also be lowered.

By identifying inefficiencies in the operation of a building and its assets, CODA can highlight changes that can be made to significantly reduce wasteful energy consumption. For example, CODA can show if air conditioning and lighting is being left on in empty commercial properties or alert facilities managers to periods during which boilers are running at the same time as air conditioning. Building occupiers are often the biggest cause of energy inefficiency with habits such as using the lift instead of the stairs for short journeys or leaving lights and equipment on in unoccupied rooms. By monitoring and providing insights into the details of a building’s energy consumption, it’s possible to make changes to both the operations and user behaviour that will improve efficiency and reduce consumption.

Once a site’s overall energy consumption has been streamlined, the cost to operate the buildings will also fall. This could free up some extra capital to invest in off-grid green technologies to drive your business closer to its NetZero2050 goals.

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