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Progressive Digital Technologies Help Utility Companies Diagnose Overall Site Health

CODA is instrumental in measuring the overall energy consumption and efficiency at utility companies’ unmanned sites. It can also take this data one step further with complete site health diagnostics.

Our highly advanced technology has been designed to help companies optimise their operations and give them an in-depth understanding of the form and function of the business’s assets. By building a complete and accurate picture of the utility company’s operational performance, it’s possible to highlight issues remotely to solve problems before any downtime occurs for their customers.

CODA’s digital twin technology is embedded within the CODA cloud software platform and creates a digital replica of the unmanned site. This makes it possible to bring together the digital world and the physical world to build a map of the area and the location of the assets that offer unparalleled insights. It also means that site managers and engineers can observe real-time data and historical information, making it easier for engineers to locate and diagnose faults remotely and take immediate action.

In addition to engineers receiving fault codes and being alerted to issue’s remotely, CODA provides insights around a site’s form, operation and performance meaning that it’s possible to deploy preventative maintenance. Rather than simply reacting to issues as they arise, the in-depth data makes it possible to create planned service routines for every site which could help to reduce the likelihood of failures or errors that impact overall services. Some preventative maintenance measures can even be deployed remotely, removing the need for engineers to travel from site to site and reduce the companies’ carbon footprint.

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