Air Quality

Healthy air quality is crucial to both the wellbeing of building occupiers and the longevity of the building fabric, and CODA makes it possible to achieve and maintain this.

Through the constant monitoring of aspects such as the temperature, CO2, radon gas, humidity and carbon monoxide levels, CODA can ensure the air quality remains at its optimum, avoiding the potential for damp or conditions in which viruses can be transmitted more easily.

In addition to measuring and reporting on the IAQ, CODA can transform the way ventilation systems are operated. By applying the air quality insights, CODA can automatically operate mechanical ventilation systems and provide a manual override to ensure the appropriate level of ventilation is delivered based on the specific internal condition. Not only does this ensure the space remains safe and healthy, but it allows ventilation systems to be run in the most energy efficient way possible.

The CODA system also automatically generates an audit trail that can be used to evidence that the building is compliant and highlights the impact that specific HVAC operational strategies have on the overall air quality. The platform also stores historic data which can be referred to and used to inform future decisions regarding ventilation.

In addition to monitoring internal air quality, the CODA system can also provide insights into the external air quality in the vicinity of the building. This data can show the environmental impact of the property and its assets and serve as evidence that the business is complying with relevant legislation. The system will also alert teams if the breach levels are close to being reached so that preventative action can be taken to avoid the air quality being compromised.