Building Health Diagnostics

CODA connects directly to a building’s assets, such as HVAC, lighting and other mechanical and electrical plant machinery, to remotely monitor the asset’s operational performance. CODA’s condition-based monitoring delivers real-time insights and predictive failure alerts to facilities management and maintenance teams. This enables teams to diagnose and resolve asset failures to ensure the building continues to run efficiently and effectively while avoiding costly downtime.

CODA’s building health diagnostics can also protect and prolong the life of the building and its assets by offering insights into how the assets are working together. This enables property teams to ensure each asset is working at its optimum and undertake maintenance on a preventative and proactive basis. From monitoring floodwaters to identifying subsidence, CODA can help to safeguard buildings from the threats of climate change and ensure that individual assets are not overburdened.

CODA also diagnoses the electrical metrics of the building and alerts maintenance teams when 70-80% of the capacity is taken. This ensures that the capacity does not become overloaded and avoids asset failure due to power supply issues.

In addition, CODA can help site managers to diagnose the cause of power cuts, highlighting if they are a result of an individual faulty asset or caused by the distribution network operator. This can avoid time and money being spent on attempting unnecessary asset repairs and can serve as evidence regarding the source of the issue.

As well as offering operational benefits, and therefore an enhanced customer experience, CODA’s building health diagnostics can form an important part of a business’s ESG strategy by improving sustainability and renewing the focus on employee health and wellbeing.

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