Critical Asset Management

CODA is revolutionising the management and maintenance of critical assets. Through condition-based monitoring, CODA provides predictive failure alerts to facilities management and maintenance teams. This empowers teams to respond to critical asset failures and ensure that essential systems and devices remain in the best possible condition.

Ensuring that a building’s critical assets are appropriately protected and maintained is key in avoiding business interruptions. CODA continually monitors assets and provides granular insights into their condition as well as advanced alerts on assets likely to fail. Our cutting-edge cloud and IoT-enabled solution can even provide regular remote testing and support facilities managers to develop optimised maintenance regimes to mitigate the chance of asset downtime. This enables the business to avoid the health and safety implications, fines and repair costs that may be associated with faulty equipment.

The CODA system can also immediately alert the relevant personnel should it detect that the conditions of a critical asset are deviating from the desired levels. This instantaneous alert enables property teams to carry out proactive maintenance to avoid a potentially catastrophic failure and the requirement for a highly qualified engineer to undertake repair works. This also avoids the knock-on effects a major asset failure could have on the business, the customer experience and the company’s reputation.

CODA’s reporting functionality offers a real-time overview of the critical asset operations via a report or through the platform’s digital twin. This means that businesses can easily evidence the uptime of their equipment and their legislative compliance and share this with stakeholders

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