Energy Metering & Management

CODA’s sub-metering and data analytics solution offers in-depth insights into the energy use across a building or site. This makes it possible to identify inefficiencies and make strategic changes to reduce energy waste, running costs and carbon emissions.

The data and insight reports provided by CODA allow property teams to uncover areas that could be improved and enable them to implement energy saving measures based on the most accurate information. The data can then be used to verify that the new measures are having the intended effect, so that businesses can develop more sustainable and cost-effective buildings that are aligned with the latest Building Regulation updates and are progressing towards the NetZero 2050 targets.

  • Female engineer in hard hat, using a tablet computer in a warehouse

    Sub-Metering and Data Analytics for Energy Reporting

    14 December 2021

    CODA is a unique combination of cost-effective monitoring control and data analytics. This cutting-edge system provides sub-metering for buildings and their assets. By connecting to mains meters, distribution boards and individual assets CODA gathers and interprets the collected data to create real-time insights on the energy consumption of the site.

  • Rows of lighting on a warehouse ceiling.

    Sub-Metering and Data Analytics for Behavioural Change

    17 December 2021

    While several operational and strategic changes can be implemented to improve a business’s energy efficiency, in many cases, building occupiers must also play a role.

  • Exterior shot of railway station at night

    CODA Delivers Energy Efficiency of Non-Traction Rail Assets

    12 January 2023

    As energy costs continue to rise and the need to accelerate global climate action intensifies, it is increasingly important for every industry to pursue more sustainable practices proactively. The digitalisation of the rail industry has a crucial role to play in the creation of more efficient rail transport, and this includes addressing non-traction energy consumption.

  • trains on platform at Liverpool Street station, London

    IoT Technology and the Rail Industry

    21 February 2022

    With rising energy costs, increasingly urgent energy efficiency targets and health and safety responsibilities to manage, much of the rail industry is making moves to digitalise its buildings and infrastructure.