Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

The increasing urgency of the climate crisis has brought environmental, social and governance (ESG) into the spotlight for many businesses, and the deployment of IoT technologies has a key role to play in facilitating and evidencing robust ESG strategies.

CODA can support businesses in their drive to become more environmentally conscious by providing granular insights into the health of the business’s buildings and the operational efficiency of its assets. This data makes it possible for companies to design insight-led strategies that drive out inefficiencies and have a tangible, positive impact on carbon emissions and advance the NetZero commitments.

The in-depth data provided by the CODA device can also play a key role in upholding the ‘social’ aspect of ESG strategies. By measuring and monitoring the internal conditions of a workplace, including the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, it is possible to ensure that the environment is healthy and promotes employee wellbeing. Similarly, by continually monitoring and assessing the operational efficiency of on-site assets, CODA enables property teams to ensure equipment is functioning at its optimum, offering a safe and well-maintained workplace.

CODA’s granular reporting can then be used to quantify the progress companies have made towards fulfilling their ESG commitments. By gathering data from sensors both internally and externally, CODA can demonstrate the impact of an ESG strategy in real terms. This allows the brand to demonstrate their commitment to promoting health and wellness and working more sustainably. This data can also highlight further steps that may be taken to improve operations and validate the implementation of adopted technologies, such as heat pumps, by evidencing the impact they have had on the efficiency of the building.

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