Business Benefits

Discover the many ways that CODA can support businesses to become safer, greener and more efficient.

  • Interior of a modern office

    Building Health Diagnostics

    CODA connects directly to building assets, such as HVAC and lighting, and provides remote monitoring on their operational performance. These real-time insights can be used to remotely alert maintenance teams to any faults so that they can be diagnosed and resolved to ensure the buildings continue to run efficiently and effectively.

  • Air duct

    Air Quality

    Healthy air quality is crucial to both the wellbeing of building occupiers and the longevity of the building fabric, and CODA makes it possible to achieve and maintain this.

  • Electrical control panels

    Critical Asset Management

    CODA can revolutionise the management of critical assets, ensuring that the systems and devices essential to the everyday running of your buildings remain in the best possible condition.

  • Illuminated exterior of warehouses at night

    Remote Infrastructure Management

    The CODA cloud and IoT solution uses sensors to deliver the reports, visibility and control required to facilitate the remote management of building assets and infrastructure.

  • View of a park with London skyline on the horizon

    Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)

    The increasing urgency of the climate crisis has brought environmental, social and governance (ESG) into the spotlight for many businesses, and the deployment of IoT technologies has a key role to play in facilitating and evidencing robust ESG strategies.

  • Ceiling of modent building with exposed air ducts and LED lighting strips

    Energy Metering & Management

    CODA’s submetering and data analytics solution offers in-depth insight into the energy usage across a building or site, making it possible to identify inefficiencies and make strategic changes to reduce energy wastage, running costs and carbon emissions.