Remote Infrastucture Management

The CODA cloud and IoT solution uses sensors to deliver the reports, visibility and control required to facilitate the remote management of building assets and infrastructure.

The CODA system’s sensors can support property teams to manage buildings in the most efficient way possible by ensuring that assets are operated in accordance with the environmental conditions. This may include automatically lighting areas when they become dark or overriding assets that have been left on out with operational hours. Not only does this improve the longevity of equipment, which will no longer be used unnecessarily, but it enables the business to run more cost-effectively and sustainably.

By enabling facilities management teams to diagnose issues and undertake some routine maintenance remotely, CODA can also reduce the repair costs associated with running buildings and sites. CODA’s real-time insights make it possible for property teams to make maintenance decisions without having to attend the site, meaning that engineers are deployed only where they are most needed. Not only does this eradicate wasted journeys and therefore unnecessary carbon emissions, but it ensures that faults can be repaired efficiently and that buildings remain safe and compliant for their occupiers.

  • Man using laptop

    Power of the Cloud

    12 January 2021

    Remote management, cloud-based tech and IoT – are no longer just buzz words or phrases for business; these are all our realities in 2021. The efficiency and benefits they can bring to businesses have pushed them significantly up the ranking of awareness.

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    Digitalisation Delivers Operational Efficiency Benefits for Industrial and Commercial Businesses

    22 December 2021

    Industrial and commercial businesses are never far away from the requirement to maintain operational efficiency across their business operations. Whether it is a solo building or a vast estate with buildings across a region or country, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

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    Digitalising the Rail Sector, the Future of Asset Management

    14 November 2022

    For the past 10 years, CODA Cloud has been working closely with the rail sector to enable the industry’s digitalisation and transform how sites and stations are managed.

  • Exterior of office building

    Embrace IoT and Reap the Rewards

    11 June 2021

    Being on the front foot is far more preferable to being on the back foot, and when it comes to facilities management if you can predict an issue within a building before it happens or stop it entirely then surely this is the ultimate in facilities management best practice?