Cloud Platform

Putting the power of big data to work for tangible business benefits.

The ability for our customers to see and engage through the cloud based software platform provides constant insight and understanding of their buildings, asset conditions and operational performance.

We engineer increased efficiency for business operations and performance. Creating intelligence from the collected data and connected devices to deliver actionable insights, intelligent automation, predictive alerting, reporting and performance management to drive strategic decision making and knowledge for your business.

CODA centralises all of the data from your remote buildings and dark assets across your property estate into the palm of your hands; making your buildings and business transparent from digitalisation.

Smart Analytics, Visualisations and Alerts

CODA delivers reports and the visibility businesses require, for internal presentation to peers and colleagues for real time management and alerting of building operations and performance metrics.

By having visibility and insights into building and previously dark asset operation we can diagnose maintenance issues and fault alerts, which if go unnoticed, can cause expensive downtime, safety issues and excessive consumption costs for customers.

We analyse not just consumption and control logic but a vast array of metrics to provide real-time building health diagnostics and asset condition monitoring. This enables efficiency evaluation reports, benchmarking and graphical representations of buildings with live data and click-through data. Our aim is to create up to 30% operational and energy efficiency savings.

These smart analytics and algorithms are delivered through a customer facing, easily accessible and real-time platform that reduces the cost of traditional bureaus.


  • Reporting of and delivering proactive and predictive messages for improved maintenance schedules
  • Activities can be tracked, performance evaluated and energy consumption mapped and improved.
  • Advanced data management delivers intuitive analytics and an ability to normalise via business intelligence for meaningful insights.
  • Benchmarking buildings allows us to identify inefficiencies, highlight anomalies and track performance.

The accurate analytics suite features essential charting for building health checks. Visualised in granular time frames from 5 minutes to weekly for many metrics including kWh, voltage, current, kilo watts and PowerFactor.

All analytics are enabled for sub-metering so that estates can be analysed far more accurately to gain a deep insight into real time and historic operation.

If you are looking to save energy, reduce reactive maintenance and better manage your entire estate please contact us.

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