Silhouette of electricity pylons set against a vibrant yellow sunset
Silhouette of electricity pylons set against a vibrant yellow sunset

CODA Welcomes the Establishment of DESNZ

14 April 2023

Investing in energy efficiency measures is crucial to help meet net-zero targets, so we welcome the establishment of the new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), which is focused on developing the energy portfolio.

The responsibilities of DESNZ include delivering security of energy supply, ensuring properly functioning energy markets, encouraging greater energy efficiency, and seizing the opportunities of net zero to lead the world in new green industries. No mean feat! It will rightly focus on securing a long-term energy supply for the UK by bringing down bills and halving inflation. And one of its core principles is to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes, businesses and public sector buildings to meet the 15% demand reduction ambition.

This is where CODA can help.

At CODA, we welcome the development of this new department that brings together net zero targets with the security of supply (both go hand in hand, but this can often be overlooked).

We hope to see the government working with the industry to help understand and implement technologies and solutions that aid in energy efficiency measures to meet the 15% demand reduction ambition.

Up to 30% of a building’s energy consumption is wasted as a result of the following:

  • Poorly operating assets such as HVAC and lighting, as well as compressors and chillers
  • Inadequate maintenance, as assets pull more load when running inefficiently
  • Lighting, HVAC, and equipment being left on when no one is in the building

These are just some examples of the areas where reductions can be made. CODA can help by highlighting instances in which heating systems operate while windows are open or pinpoint times when lighting remains on during working hours. By delivering these insights, property management teams can make changes that reduce energy wastage and lower the site’s environmental impact. These may include encouraging behavioural changes by building users, installing central controls for HVAC systems or automating lighting. CODA’s insights can be used to evidence the business’s emissions reduction as energy-saving strategies are implemented.

However, we want the DESNZ to further eradicate waste energy consumption from commercial and residential properties. The ultimate goal must be to help the industry identify those technologies and services that can immediately positively impact demand reduction for businesses of all sizes. This should encourage companies to invest in solutions to support the goal of decarbonisation and demand reduction.

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