Earth seen from space
Earth seen from space

Earth Day and the Importance of Innovation

20 April 2022

The Earth Day environmental movement, established in America in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson was formed to educate, inspire and unite people to pursue a safer and more sustainable future. And 52 years later the spirit of the day and the message that it projects still rings true.

Today, as the climate crisis becomes increasingly urgent, more than one billion people across 192 countries are involved in the event, making it the world’s largest unilateral observance.

Earth Day focuses on a specific theme, such as Restore Our Planet in 2021 and End Plastic Pollution in 2018. For 2022, the Earth Day theme is Invest In Our Planet, a topic that highlights the importance of taking bold action now and investing in the innovations needed to make substantial and positive changes that will secure a brighter future.

This year’s theme highlights the immediate need for progressive technology that will facilitate the development of ways of working that are both sustainable and profitable. Solutions like CODA can help to advance this aim through a unique combination of monitoring, control and data analytics. The system is designed to help businesses address their energy usage and empower them to make better, more informed decisions.

We understand that technology and innovation are essential in achieving net-zero and discovering new efficiencies that will contribute to a greener way of working. The CODA cloud solution brings together Internet of Things (IoT) technology and software analytics that can advise and inform businesses of solutions and changes that will aid their journey towards decarbonisation and contribute to the global effort to limit climate change.

The data and insights gathered by the our technology can provide building owners and facilities managers with granular energy consumption, asset operation and performance data to highlight aspects of building and asset operations that could be causing excessive energy consumption and carbon emissions. Changes to building operations and asset performance are made through CODA and future monitoring and control ensures the new operational activities remain energy efficient.

In this way, our technology supports our clients to limit the environmental impact of running their buildings and assets and provides evidence of reducing carbon emissions.

This innovative solution enables us to support energy-intensive industries to progress toward their environmental goals. Rising energy prices are having a significant impact on all businesses. CODA can help reduce energy costs by up to 30%, allowing businesses to Invest In Our Planet and further the environmental movement.

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