Exterior of office building
Exterior of office building

Embrace IoT and Reap the Rewards

11 June 2021

Being on the front foot is far more preferable to being on the back foot, and when it comes to facilities management if you can predict an issue within a building before it happens or stop it entirely then surely this is the ultimate in facilities management best practice?

More than ever FMs need security and reassurance that their buildings, operations and assets are running efficiently, correctly and without problems. A fraught phone call from a building occupier or tenant to alert the FM of an issue that is out of the blue is a situation that no FM relishes.

But what if FMs could always be ahead of the ‘game’ and worked on a much more proactive rather than reactive basis…

IoT is the answer. IoT offers the ability to understand in real-time what is happening throughout every aspect of a building, opening up a world of untapped savings, efficiencies and proactive maintenance.

At the forefront of every FMs mind is the need to improve efficiency and save energy, these are not new pressures but with the added requirement of cost savings, the modern FM can realise instant benefits by managing assets more efficiently with IoT. The need for evidence-based data that informs decisions is paramount, IoT does this with ease.

FMs that don’t embrace IoT will be left behind in the race to make efficiency savings, IoT is quickly becoming a critical role in the evolution of FM. With IoT, the power is back in the hands of the FM who can drive real value for their business and improve operations.

IoT in the FM world is shaking up the way in which buildings are managed - delivering meaningful and measurable results via automation, energy management, maintenance, security and safety.

By partnering with IoT experts CODA, facilities managers can quickly deploy suitable technologies and IoT infrastructure. CODA offers assistance with the set-up for remote system operation, alerts and reports as well as creating the data analytics and insights that will feed the FMs with information on building system and performance.

The good news is that IoT for the FM isn’t one size fits all - there are millions of IoT-based solutions however the IoT partner needs to be able to stitch the right systems together and have an overarching cloud platform supported by big data analytics and graphical infrastructure.

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