Hand holding mobile phone showing G7 2021 logo
Hand holding mobile phone showing G7 2021 logo

Energy Efficiency the Unsung Hero

5 August 2021

How to make NetZero a reality is firmly on every nation’s mind; June’s G7 summit featured this as a top agenda point too. However, more needs to be done to pave the way to NetZero 2050.

The route to NetZero might not be clear cut, but we believe that much can be achieved by looking at how to recoup the efficiency of the current amenities and services.

The most important pathway to NetZero is to look at the inefficiencies in buildings and operations to reduce the carbon emissions now and plot a strategy to reverse this. Energy efficiency solutions are the unsung hero of the route to NetZero.

Little actions from the building occupiers alongside energy efficiency control solutions like CODA can set businesses on the path to NetZero today.

Businesses and commercial buildings could start the route to NetZero with a 40% energy reduction in these two activities alone. Here’s how:

  • Most commercial properties can reduce energy consumption by 30-40% through energy efficiency practices. And a further 10% could be saved through a behavioural change of the building occupiers. For example, the demands that occupants have on a property could be lessened if they understood that a slight internal temperature change or to use the stairs instead of the escalators or lifts could drastically reduce energy consumption on a day-to-day basis. Simple things like turning lights or air conditioning units off in meeting rooms when no longer in use. These issues all result in small changes, but their impact is substantial. Thus, showing the cost and carbon emissions as well as evidencing the improvements. Building occupiers today have a sense of environmental purpose to do good for the environment.
  • Operational performance and maintenance also all aid in energy efficiency improvements. Poorly operating or poorly maintained equipment such as HVAC and machinery pull more load and are energy inefficient. Controls systems like CODA identify the areas of inefficiency and make an informed change off the back of the data and insights provided, then evidencing the improvements from the metering data.

However, it’s not just about the businesses and the commercial properties. The unsung hero (energy efficiency solutions) could help reduce the demands we have on the Grid from alternate green energy sources. If we can get rid of fossil fuels but simultaneously make our buildings and their operations 40% more efficient, then the demands on the Grid are lessened and the amount generated to supply our commercial and residential properties is reduced too.

CODA can support all these activities by monitoring and providing insights into energy consumption, identifying and removing (through controls) energy inefficiencies and operational inefficiencies to actively reduce energy consumption and finally by providing insights and user interfaces for building occupiers to help influence behavioural change.

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