Man working on a laptop at kitchen table
Man working on a laptop at kitchen table

FMs Embracing IoT in Remote Working Times

3 December 2020

Much has been said about the excitement, and of the disruption that the Internet of Things (IoT) can bring to the FM industry. Like everything we do, we like a bit of ‘positive’ disruption.

We are urging facilities managers to rise and thrive with IoT. At CODA we are working with facilities management teams to demand more from their IoT infrastructure and our CODA system has been designed to do just that.

Good IoT can deliver reduced utility costs, building health diagnostics, asset condition monitoring, occupancy management and health and safety improvements.

IoT enables far greater financial and carbon benefits by digitalising and facilitating the remote accessibility of facilities maintenance activities. This is of benefit to both site operators – and the facilities management firms contracted to deliver asset uptime and operational efficiency.

IoT provides more efficient planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and reactive maintenance. This can be more efficiently prioritised and delivered via connected devices and a cloud platform delivering insights into equipment and building performance, occupancy management and internal air quality and infectious disease control

Our CODA IoT platform delivers the reports, visibility and control that businesses require for remote and real-time management of building operations and performance metrics. It can diagnose maintenance issues and fault alerts, which if go unnoticed, can cause expensive downtime, safety issues and excessive consumption costs for customers.

CODA analyses consumption and control logic, providing an array of metrics to deliver real-time building health diagnostics and asset condition monitoring enabling efficiency evaluation reports, benchmarking and graphical representations of buildings with live data and click-through data. Via CODA, we aim to create up to 30 per cent in maintenance savings for business large and small.

A further advantage of CODA is the wide range of sites where it can be used; from small sites to large estates.

CODA isn’t just a building and asset control system; it’s a system that centralises the intelligence for the ease of use of the remote facilities manager.

Please get in touch to find out more about how CODA can assist your facilities management operations.

About CODA

CODA specialises in IoT and Big Data based technologies that go beyond typical BMS/BeMS, providing systems, software and services to fully digitise a business from railways to retail, restaurants and beyond.

Providing energy, equipment and operational performance control solutions whilst using cloud-based software, smart analytics, alerting and delivering actionable insights for automated response and repair. Complete with mapping techniques the cloud software delivers the ability to fully visualise a building down to individual systems, processes and operations.

CODA can fully integrate and digitise a business and establish tangible business benefits that will help reduce operational, maintenance and utility costs, optimise building and business processes and proactively assist in the drive towards net-zero energy buildings.

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