Engineer with tablet computer
Engineer with tablet computer

GIS Function

21 December 2020

Trying to locate a meter within a commercial property or train station during a routine maintenance call can be frustrating if no one on-site knows where it is. BUT, if finding the location of an asset such as a meter or gas cut off valve is business-critical or in the worst case for health and safety reasons it is much more than a mere annoyance. It is critical.

We have added a new feature to our CODA device, a Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS allows an asset such as a meter, HVAC system, lift, distribution board, gas cut off valve, water cut off valve, fire equipment to be tagged and geo-located on the CODA platform.

This means a maintenance team or emergency crew attending a station or platform will be able to pinpoint exactly where the faulty asset or emergency shut off valve is located and ensures for speedy accessibility of the device in question which in turn supports a quick resolve.

The new GIS function will:

  • support both proactive maintenance and H&S within commercial settings.
  • come into its own for multisite retailers like restaurants as it’s often the case that restaurants are unaware where their meters or HVAC and chiller plant is located.
  • reduce maintenance by up to 20%, in effect cutting downtime on site and disruption to business and loss of trade-in equipment downtime.

It will also reduce maintenance costs, for example, Great Western Railway’s maintenance engineers are regularly dispatched to faults at a failing lift at Twyford station site. The issue to GWR was that elderly and disabled passengers were stranded on station platforms or had to disembark the train at an alternative destination. Through our software analytics, we used the data to diagnose that there was a phase imbalance, which was the cause of the problem.

Another maintenance reduction opportunity is that GIS provides assets such as heating and ventilation, access points and elevators, meters and switchboards with ‘real’ coordinates. It will guide staff and maintenance teams directly to the asset/device that is requiring attention. This provides increased productivity and reduced downtime from inspection to resolve.

Importantly GIS delivers an increased rate of first-time fixes, reduced reactive maintenance and reduced planned, preventative maintenance (PPM).

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