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Is Internal Air Quality the New ROI?

28 February 2022

The decision to implement building controls has usually been made based on the potential financial benefits associated with reducing energy wastage. However, more recently, we have observed a change in the motivation behind the decision to install IoT solutions in workplaces. In addition to the prioritisation of energy efficiency over financial savings, we have seen companies placing stakeholder wellbeing at the centre of the decision to digitalise their buildings rather than the economic advantages of our technology.

Our cutting-edge IoT solutions can generate energy savings of up to 30% through monitoring control and data analytics that empower businesses to operate more efficiently. This significant reduction can have a substantial impact on a company’s bottom line and its carbon emissions. However, while this impressive statistic is undoubtedly still a driving factor in the decision to invest in this technology, the spotlight has shifted to social governance for some companies.

The reason for this change may be partly because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has highlighted the importance of maintaining a healthy internal air quality (IAQ) in the workplace. Good ventilation is key to helping limit the spread of Coronavirus and ensuring the safety of employees and building users. Using our CODA system, it is possible to continually monitor IAQ so that facilities managers are immediately alerted if the levels deviate from their optimum. Our technology can also connect to the building’s HVAC system to automatically adjust the ventilation when needed to keep the temperature, CO2 and humidity levels within the correct range. Therefore, these insights and technology enable the company to create a safe environment that promotes well-being and supports the business to uphold its social commitments.

On top of the real-time reporting, the building control systems generate regular reports based on the data. These reports can serve as tangible evidence of the business’s measurable activities to promote health and well-being. This, in turn, can showcase a company’s strong ESG credentials so that investors, customers and the press can confirm that the company is taking meaningful action to put the wellbeing of employees and building users first.

So does IAQ have a great influence on ROI when considering investment in IoT and building controls solutions? We believe it does. As we return to the workplace, what we have learned from this pandemic is the need to know more about the cleanliness of the environments we frequent and that includes the quality of the air we breathe. IoT sensors and solutions provide us with the data that gives us the confidence and confirmation we need.

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