Woman on bus wearing face mask
Woman on bus wearing face mask

How Data and IoT Technologies Are Helping Public Transport Operators Get Ready for the Next Normal

15 January 2021

We need to work with what we have at hand. And that, from CODA’s point of view is data. Businesses need to embrace data and IoT practices now in an effort to manage COVID secure occupancy in the future. The ability to measure and manage passenger movement while also helping to build public confidence in using public transport and increasing the “safe” capacity of networks will become top priorities for the transport industry, commuters and the general public.

Rail and bus operators are currently in a unique situation, they can use passenger number downtime now to reap the benefits of digitalisation in the future. How can they do this?

Our IoT CODA system, can:

  • help garner confidence by providing data that can influence commuter times and how businesses could encourage staff to work at different times to accommodate their commute safely.
  • deliver real-time insights on passenger levels via sensors around platforms and on public transport vehicles and can alert when occupancy levels are above set parameters. Access control systems can be triggered to halt the flow onto platforms when occupancy levels have been reached. Commuters can be asked to move platforms or to change carriages when levels are nearing their maximum.
  • offer a duty of care to customers, data from the sensors can feed into travel apps and customer-facing software that advises them of busy times and helps operators conform to legislation.
  • enable railway stations and bus depots to proactively manage social distancing and commuter flow with IoT. Our CODA IoT solution delivers real-time insights and alert/alarm against deviations to desired patterns and levels, which will help railway and bus companies manage the commuter population in line with measures that are safe, secure and maintain social distancing advice.

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