Man using laptop
Man using laptop

Power of the Cloud

12 January 2021

Remote management, cloud-based tech and IoT – are no longer just buzz words or phrases for business; these are all our realities in 2021. The efficiency and benefits they can bring to businesses have pushed them significantly up the ranking of awareness.

Before COVID rocked the world, building owners and operators perhaps didn’t truly value the power of IoT and remote management of building and systems through cloud-based software. They believed that whilst the team were on-site, they could access from the systems in the plant room or a walk around the building. Now, as staff are working from home, including field engineers and maintenance teams, building owners and operators need sight of their properties and the systems within them. Whether they are closed for lockdown or partially open/open to allow for staff to be onsite, they need to be able to access, change and visualise activity within their buildings.

Remote accessibility and visibility of sites is now more important than ever before. Businesses need to look after the assets within them and how they are operating to ensure that buildings are managed for operational, maintenance, health and safety purposes as well as being environmentally conscious.

Look at our CODA IoT system, it can assist with the operational performance of building systems and assets and manage and reduce energy consumption in the built environment while allowing the facilities management sector to maintain buildings remotely. All big wins in a world where we are now more remote and distant to some of our biggest assets.

CODA goes a step further than traditional remote BMS or remote IoT devices, it allows users to create a digital representation of the building(s) and assets within them – a digital twin.

Now owners and operators can visually see and virtually walk through their buildings using the CODA software platform. They can access each room, floor and each asset within the building. Real-time data advises them of the current conditions, how assets are operating, the internal environmental conditions and the energy consumption.

CODA has transformed the way businesses manage and operate their real estate. CODA is a client’s digital consultant – consulting in real-time on building activities and allowing operators to remotely make changes to improve conditions, operations and energy consumption and carbon emissions.

CODA also assists with health and safety practices as well as internal air quality control. Real-time data and alerts manage people flow, internal environmental conditions and infectious disease control. It can monitor and manage occupancy and ensures businesses are COVID-secure.

CODA also features a Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, which allows for an asset such as a meter, HVAC system, lift, distribution board, gas cut off valve, water cut off valve, fire equipment to be tagged and geo-located on the CODA platform and located within the digital twin – a visual representation of the building/asset.

This allows operators to know the exact location of the asset before attending site to physically fix an issue. Coupled with the digital O&M, the operator can pull off the manual for the asset from the CODA platform allowing the field engineer access to immediate information on the user manual for the asset they are attending site to fix. Having the O&M manual instantly to hand and knowing exactly the location of the asset when attending site is empowering the field engineers. Reducing their time locating the documentation as well as the asset, reducing maintenance costs for businesses by 20%.

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