Person using laptop showing power consumption analytics
Person using laptop showing power consumption analytics

Progressive Digital Technologies Help Utility Companies Reduce Energy Consumption

30 July 2021

As well as helping to identify the root causes of power outages and operational inefficiencies at utility companies’ unmanned sites, CODA can help reduce energy consumption and costs.

There are thousands of unmanned utility company sites across the UK which are not currently metered. These sites use an array of high energy-intensive equipment, and without appropriate metering, there is no visibility of their current energy consumption. This means that bills are based on estimates which can result in unnecessarily high costs and operational inefficiencies. In addition, identifying inefficiency in energy and water consumption enables utility companies to reduce consumption and cost and improve their carbon footprint.

CODA, our unique combination of cost-effective monitoring, control and data analytics, connects to mains metering to provide real-time insights on each site’s energy consumption.

Our cutting-edge technology collects this data in a minute-by-minute format to make it possible for site managers to identify peaks in consumption. It is also possible to gain granular insights on critical pieces of equipment to gain a complete picture of the site’s energy efficiency. By having visibility of this data, it’s possible to make proactive changes to equipment and operations to reduce the overall consumption and eradicate any waste. These steps are not only crucial to lowering costs but are also instrumental in keeping companies’ commitments to reducing emissions and remaining on track for their routes to NetZero 2050.

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