Hands using laptop, using CODA application
Hands using laptop, using CODA application

Sub-Metering and Data Analytics for Measurement and Verification

15 December 2021

By providing submetering for buildings and their assets, the CODA system gives energy managers and maintenance teams real-time insights on the energy and operational efficiency of the site. The wealth of data interpreted by the CODA system and the granular nature of the insights generated are essential in reducing energy waste and the progress of businesses’ net-zero commitments.

With NetZero 2050 on the horizon, it’s more important than ever that businesses take steps to reduce buildings’ operational energy usage. The data and insights provided by CODA allow energy managers and business owners to uncover areas that could be improved and make strategic changes based on the most accurate information. This may involve implementing new energy-efficient technologies, such as heat pumps, moving to off-grid energy sources or educating building users on best practices.

Making operational changes such as these can be costly and time-consuming and so the results of a new system must be measured and verified.

The measurement and verification process quantifies the savings resulting from an energy conservation measure and ensures that the results align with the business’s targets. While mains metering will indicate whether energy usage has dropped based on the period-by-period comparison, CODA sub-metering can provide a more in-depth account of how the changes have impacted consumption. CODA makes it possible to consider individual asset use, office hours and occupier activities to build the fullest picture of the energy expenditure pre and post the conservation measure.

By continuously monitoring the site in real-time and providing a minute-by-minute breakdown of the activity, CODA can highlight whether a building or asset is operating more efficiently after the changes have been implemented. For example, does the new heat pump use less energy than the previous heating system and, has the staff training resulted in lighting and kettles being used more efficiently.

In addition to showing if the changes positively impact energy use and carbon emissions, the measurement and verification process will also show if the steps taken have had a positive return on investment financially. By reviewing CODA’s insights, energy managers can assess whether the new system, staff training or equipment are having the desired effect on the operational running costs of the building, showing if the investment was financially beneficial as well as environmentally.

If you would like to know more about how CODA can help with your measurement and verification requirements, please get in touch with the team at info@codacloud.io or call us on 0345 241 2889.