The Energy Awards - We made it on the shortlist!

8 October 2019

We made it on the shortlist!

The coveted Energy Awards has announced its 2019 shortlist and we made it!

In not one, but THREE categories. We are delighted to have secured these shortlistings for the industry-famous Energy Awards. The Energy Awards celebrate excellence and provide a tremendous platform to be recognised for intelligent use of energy.

The categories we have been shortlisted in include the “Innovation of the Year” for our digital twin technology, “Energy Data Collection and Analysis” for our CODA IoT solution and “Commercial Building Energy Project of the Year” for our work with a restaurant chain.

CODA by Shields Energy

Energy Awards: Innovation of the year entry

As far as innovation goes, nothing could be more impressive than the ability to clone assets to support future-proofing and damage limitation – this is not a fantasy, this is a reality with our latest innovation.

The ability to pair the physical world with the digital world allows analysis of data and monitoring of systems to head off problems before they occur. Preventing downtime and allowing building operators to develop new opportunities and plan for future changes to operations and the potential implications to business process and energy costs.

Our digital twin technology within the CODA software platform provides clients with a digital representation of a single asset or entire estate portfolio view. A digital twin is a software representation of a physical asset such as a machine, piece of equipment, device or even an entire building or estate. The digital twin delivers the data elements and the dynamics of how the device, asset, machine or building operates in real-time.

Energy Awards Entry: Energy data collection and analysis

We have been busy encouraging rail operators to take the lead on energy data collection and analysis following the recent report on the Future of Rail from the International Energy Agency and the International Union of Railways. The report states that rail is one of most energy-efficient modes of transport but is often neglected in public debate.
Up to a third of the total operating cost for train operators is energy spend – much of that energy is inefficient and unmonitored. With over 2,500 railway stations in the UK, this mounts up not just on an environmental scale but has serious financial and operational implications.

Quashing that energy spend is a top priority for the industry but doing this accurately and with efficiency is where technology is required. Data and IoT is a key enabler to this, which is why our CODA IoT technology has hit the right spots with the railway management industry.

We are on track to digitalise the railway sector with our CODA IoT solution, providing accurate data benefits and significant cost savings to hundreds of UK railway stations. To date, we have installed our IoT technology and provided the cloud connectivity CODA and remote access to millions of data points across 194 of our client’s sites.

The Energy Awards: Commercial Building Energy Project of the Year category

Managing margins is a top priority for the restaurant industry and now more than ever restaurant chains with multiple outlets must streamline processes and ensure adequate savings are made. Quashing that energy spend is also important for the industry but doing this accurately and with efficiency is where technology is required.

We installed our CODA devices within a UK restaurant chain’s portfolio in England to help the group reap both environmental and financial savings.

CODA streamlines processes, improves efficiency and supports predictive maintenance while also boosting energy efficiency and cost savings. It connects with a multitude of devices within a commercial building estate either locally or globally to provide full visibility and digitalisation of the operations. CODA also delivers substantial, and speedy, tangible business benefits from energy to financial savings, maintenance and operational performance.

Wish us luck for the awards night, when they will announce the winners on 21 November 2019.