Smart Analytics

The CODA system digitalises commercial sites to enable users to access real-time actionable insights and analytics through an easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

CODA combines IoT solutions with powerful, predictive data analytics and real-time alerts to offer businesses a way to maximise their operational efficiency while driving down their carbon emissions and energy costs. Through the continual monitoring of business operations, CODA can provide actionable insights that allow companies across a range of sectors to make meaningful changes that will have long-term benefits for the business, the employees, the customers and the environment.

As well as offering a cost-effective solution to building optimisation, the CODA system helps to transform the management and maintenance of commercial buildings and their assets. The platform’s real-time monitoring means that building and asset performance are continually assessed to ensure that operations remain at their optimum. From facilitating compliance to streamlining processes and improving energy efficiency, CODA’s insights are invaluable for businesses looking to take the next step towards a more sustainable future.

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  • The Power of the Cloud

    The Power of the Cloud

    By harnessing cloud technology, CODA allows property teams to review and manage their estates without having to set foot on site. Our cutting-edge IoT platform provides granular real-time data and actionable insights that enable users to manage and maintain the built environment remotely. Not only does this offer a more efficient working model, but it provides property management teams with increased flexibility and reduces travel-related carbon emissions.

    CODA’s analytics software and machine learning algorithms provide users with the data they need to make informed decisions regarding the operations of their sites. In addition, the reporting tools gather evidence in relation to legislative compliance, health and safety and overall site health.

  • The Library of Things

    The Library of Things

    As multiple layers of digital technology become commonplace in sites and estates, the corresponding operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals can become difficult to manage. However, CODA’s cloud-based platform enables users to create a site-specific document repository which includes CODA O&M manuals as well as documentation relating to other assets, such as risk assessments. Facilities managers and maintenance teams can then log into the CODA platform and access all the necessary documents in one centralised location.

    CODA’s digital twin dashboard also makes it possible to locate each O&M alongside the device or asset it relates to. By simply clicking on the relevant asset, users gain instant access to the manuals, maintenance schedules and schematics they need.

  • GIS Function

    GIS Function

    CODA’s integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) allows individual assets to be tagged and geo-located within the platform. The GIS can be used to tag assets such as water and gas cut-off valves, lifts and meters so that the location of the required device can be pinpointed easily. This invaluable feature therefore allows maintenance teams to carry out their work more efficiently and could even improve emergency response times by supporting crews to identify the source of an issue quickly.

  • igital Twin

    Digital Twin

    CODA’s digital twin technology is revolutionising the deployment of IoT software by creating a virtual representation of a site and its assets. A digital twin is a virtual duplicate of an estate that allows property teams to visualise on-site operations in real-time. From the heating and ventilation systems to the lighting and energy consumption, the digital twin provides granular insights on all aspects of the site’s performance and conditions so that the facilities manager can make informed, pro-active decisions to ensure the smooth running of the estate.

  • Multimetric


    Whether applied to a single HVAC system or multiple assets across an estate, CODA analyses, processes and stores data from millions of data points. The platform then uses machine learning to layer this information and identify inefficiencies and anomalies in asset operation and performance, enabling building owners and operators to take action immediately; to quickly resolve any operational issues.

  • Reporting

    Reporting, Analytics and Alerts

    The historical and real-time data gathered by CODA can be accessed via our customisable dashboard and collated in interactive graphic reports. The CODA platform allows users to monitor site activity in five-minute intervals which provides detailed analytics on the performance of the building and assets. Users can also set real-time alerts to highlight when activity deviates from the optimum levels so that maintenance teams are immediately aware of any issues.

  • Open API

    Open API

    CODA’s open API allows the system to receive and process data from third-party devices such as BMS or SCADA systems, HH metering data and other CSV exports as well as export data to existing customer business intelligence tools. This two-way communication allows CODA to build the most complete picture of the operations within the site or building.

  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security

    The security of our users and their properties is of paramount importance to us and we have engineered security measures into our systems and peripheral devices to offer complete peace of mind. We combine our proactive security defenses with rigorous penetration testing to create a trusted IoT system that’s designed to protect you.