Smart Devices

Our family of smart devices can be deployed across buildings and estates of all sizes to enable unrivalled visibility and facilitate remote control of key assets.

The Hardware

The CODA system combines our UK-manufactured Core and Communications Module with node solutions. This unique, patented design is made up of cost-effective wired and wireless sensors, meters and building controls to create a smart network of devices that provides granular insights into every aspect of a site and facilitates remote building management.

CODA’s hardware devices feature intelligent technology which allows the system to operate in environments with no or intermittent cloud connectivity. We have also implemented cyber security protocols to limit access to CODA devices, site assets and control logic to ensure complete peace of mind.

From energy consumption and occupancy rates to internal air quality and lighting levels, our hardware gathers data that highlights where improvements are needed and then implements changes to ensure safe, efficient and sustainable environments.

Hardware Agnostic

The CODA system is compatible with any third-party device to enable seamless cross-device communication and improved functionality. This means that CODA can easily be installed in sites with existing devices without the cost of replacing the full system.