Discover how our cutting-edge technology can support businesses across every sector.

  • Train station platform


    The combination of rising energy costs and the urgency of the climate crisis has made energy efficiency a priority within the transport sector. By analysing data on asset performance, operations and energy use, CODA supports the transport industry to implement a fully digitalised building network and a highly efficient service.

  • Entrance ramps of a large distribution warehouse

    Facilities Management

    CODA supports facilities management teams to deliver digitalisation to their customers and enhance their maintenance routines by providing remote access to real-time data about their clients’ sites and properties. This allows teams to monitor and manage multiple sites from a single location and reduces the need for time-consuming and carbon-emitting travel.

  • Aerial shot of wind turbines at a large onshore windfarm


    CODA offers a digital solution to many of the issues faced by utilities companies including limiting the risks of power or asset failures, reducing energy consumption and evidencing the effectiveness of ESG strategies.

  • Telecommunication tower in countryside


    The management of unmanned sites presents a number of challenges for the telecommunications industry and many of these can be resolved through the implementation of our cutting-edge IoT technology.

  • Exterior of office blocks at night

    Industrial & Commercial

    Operational efficiency is of paramount importance to industrial and commercial businesses across all industries and CODA can help companies ensure that their estates and buildings are running at their optimum.

  • Interior of a modern cafe

    Retail & Hospitality

    Improving energy efficiency within retail and hospitality settings is crucial to both the bottom line and the NetZero journey and CODA can support businesses to significantly reduce their wastage.