Facilities Management

CODA supports facilities management teams to deliver digitalisation to their customers and enhance their maintenance routines by providing remote access to real-time data about their clients’ sites and properties. This allows teams to monitor and manage multiple sites from a single location and reduces the need for time-consuming and carbon-emitting travel.

As well as empowering facilities management teams to work more efficiently, the CODA system provides real-time alerts for any faults or errors which enables strategic preventative and reactive maintenance. This can help facilities teams to deliver contracts more cost-effectively and avoid expensive downtime and excessive energy consumption while guaranteeing that the environment is safe and comfortable for customers and staff at all times.

The CODA system also allows facilities managers to provide their clients with detailed analytics and reports to support their contractual commitments. The platform can even connect to existing CADFM systems to overlay the real-time asset and building performance insights with any existing data streams. This robust reporting offers tangible evidence of the positive business outcomes that the IoT solutions have delivered and can also showcase the client’s commitments to their ESG strategies and track their progress towards NetZero targets.

CODA enables users to create a site-specific document repository which includes CODA O&M manuals as well as documentation relating to other assets, such as risk assessments. The platform’s digital twin dashboard even makes it possible to locate these documents alongside the asset they relate to. This means facilities managers can access any required documents by simply clicking on the relevant asset.

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