Industrial & Commercial

Operational efficiency is of paramount importance to industrial and commercial businesses across all industries and CODA can help companies ensure that their estates and buildings are running at their optimum.

The CODA system continually monitors site activity and uses this data to build a complete picture of the operations. These real-time insights may then highlight areas of the business that can be improved in order to optimise operations and improve building conditions for occupiers.

In addition, our innovative data analytics, IoT technology and advanced reporting can ensure that sites are compliant with the latest building regulations, health and safety legislation and guidelines relating to employee wellbeing. This includes monitoring the temperature, humidity and pollution levels to verify that the internal air quality contributes to a healthy working environment.

CODA can also layer this data with other data sets, such as building occupancy levels, to ensure that assets such as HVAC systems are working efficiently as well as effectively. This may include shutting off systems in unoccupied areas or ensuring assets are switched off out with business hours. Not only can this improve the lifespan of equipment but it can significantly reduce both the financial and environmental costs associated with running a site. These improvements can then be highlighted in CODA’s reporting to demonstrate the business’s progress towards NetZero targets and form an important component of the company ESG strategy.

CODA enables users to create a site-specific document repository which includes CODA O&M manuals as well as documentation relating to other assets, such as risk assessments. The platform’s digital twin dashboard even makes it possible to locate these documents alongside the asset they relate to. This means facilities managers can access any required documents by simply clicking on the relevant asset.

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    Is Your Energy Management System Cyber Secure?

    17 December 2020

    IoT is everywhere, from boilers to heavy industrial plant and machinery, HVAC and lighting – they can all be connected to the internet to enable remote control, management and maintenance. All with energy efficiency, operational productivity, wellness and cost reductions in mind.

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    Digitalisation Delivers Operational Efficiency Benefits for Industrial and Commercial Businesses

    22 December 2021

    Industrial and commercial businesses are never far away from the requirement to maintain operational efficiency across their business operations. Whether it is a solo building or a vast estate with buildings across a region or country, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

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    GIS Function

    21 December 2020

    Trying to locate a meter within a commercial property or train station during a routine maintenance call can be frustrating if no one on site knows where it is. BUT, if finding the location of an asset such as a meter or gas cut off valve is business critical or in the worst case for health and safety reasons it is much more than a mere annoyance. It is critical.

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    Power of the Cloud

    12 January 2021

    Remote management, cloud-based tech and IoT – are no longer just buzz words or phrases for business; these are all our realities in 2021. The efficiency and benefits they can bring to businesses have pushed them significantly up the ranking of awareness.