Retail & Hospitality

Improving energy efficiency within retail and hospitality settings is crucial to both the bottom line and the NetZero journey and CODA can support businesses to significantly reduce their wastage. By analysing how and when energy is currently used across the estates, CODA can highlight the operational and behavioural changes that would carry the most substantial impact. The results of these changes can then be evidenced by the data, so that the most effective updates can be implemented across the estates.

The Covid-19 pandemic served to underline the importance of maintaining a healthy internal air quality and this is particularly true in retail and hospitality spaces where customers, guests and staff are often within close proximity.

IoT makes it possible to safeguard the health and wellbeing of building users by continually monitoring aspects such as the humidity, temperature, CO2 and occupancy levels. The CODA data analytics and IoT solutions can then alert building managers if any of these levels deviate from their optimum so that additional ventilation or crowd control measures can be deployed to restore a healthy environment for all.

CODA can also ensure that assets such as the HVAC system are operating efficiently and not being overused by automatically switching off devices in unoccupied spaces or after closing time. The energy savings made as a result of these changes will be shown in CODA’s reports and can serve as evidence of the company’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their locations and the success of their ESG strategy. These reports can also be used as proof of the site’s compliance with the latest health and safety legislation.

CODA enables users to create a site-specific document repository which includes CODA O&M manuals as well as documentation relating to other assets, such as risk assessments. The platform’s digital twin dashboard even makes it possible to locate these documents alongside the asset they relate to. This means facilities managers can access any required documents by simply clicking on the relevant asset.

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