The management of unmanned sites presents a number of challenges for the telecommunications industry and many of these can be resolved through the implementation of our cutting-edge IoT technology.

Unmanned sites play a vital role in the facilitation of reliable telecommunications services and, as such, it is crucial that the assets within them run smoothly and continuously. The CODA system monitors site activity around the clock and generates data-led insights about the health of the assets. This data offers remote visibility of the site’s operations, enabling maintenance teams to manage many sites simultaneously.

Through this data, maintenance teams are alerted to any potential faults, making it possible to act before an issue occurs and thereby avoiding service disruptions for users and costly call-out charges. Fault codes can also be attributed to these issues, making it easier to diagnose and repair the problem at the first attempt. These insights are also key to the development of proactive maintenance strategies which ensure that assets are kept in the best possible condition and reduce overall truck roll for the company.

By ensuring that site assets are operating at their optimum, it is possible to avoid unnecessary energy consumption and reduce the running costs associated with the site. With over 10,000 unmanned telecommunication sites across the UK and rapidly rising energy prices, this has the potential to represent a significant saving for the business.

Reducing the energy usage of unmanned sites can also help companies limit their environmental impact and progress their NetZero commitments. The reduction in energy wastage, and therefore carbon emissions, can be highlighted in CODA’s detailed reporting in order to showcase the company’s move towards more sustainable working practices and quantify the positive effects of the brand’s ESG strategy in real terms. These reports can also be used as evidence of the business’s compliance with environmental and health and safety legislation.

CODA enables users to create a site-specific document repository which includes CODA O&M manuals as well as documentation relating to other assets, such as risk assessments. The platform’s digital twin dashboard even makes it possible to locate these documents alongside the asset they relate to. This means facilities managers can access any required documents by simply clicking on the relevant asset.

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