Smart Devices

CODA’s smart device family is modular and therefore cost effective enough to be retrofitted into existing buildings. We are achieving average direct savings of 15% plus additional operational benefits that often outweigh these significant energy savings.

Core & Comms Module

At the heart of the family is a micro-processor powered core that communicates and connects with all other modules. The core signals commands to enable control of site assets and infrastructure in accordance with environmental conditions and specific client requirements.

The device collects data from all other modules that it uses to continuously commission for optimised savings. It transmits data over a highly secure, 128 bit encrypted mobile network to our cloud platform for powerful analytics and alerting.

The unique design enables ongoing intelligent automation even when cloud connectivity is disabled with built-in fail-safe design to ensure ongoing safe operation at customer sites.

Communication via GSM or LAN available.

Compatible with third party devices.

Relay Node

The CODA relay node provides the ability to cost effectively distribute intelligent control throughout a building without the need to run control cables, install additional power supplies or make costly connections to centralised control infrastructure. Relay nodes can be installed throughout existing infrastructure enabling an array of previously disconnected, uncontrolled assets to be automated with intelligent control and meet the building users' exact requirements. In addition to control, the nodes provide real time data for monitoring, overrides and temperature sensing.

Wireless DALI Light Node

The CODA light node is compatible with any DALI based luminaire, independent of manufacturer. The wireless node delivers full DALI control and remote diagnostics for individual lights, maximising energy efficient operation throughout entire lighting schemes. The technology can inhibit and enable the functionality of integrated occupancy sensors in relation to time with local and remote over ride capabilities and the ability to link to fire and intruder alarms. The nodes link to our cloud application providing real time reporting and alerting on driver, LED array and sensor health in addition to monitoring running times to support OEM warranty claims. The flexibility, intelligent control and data capabilities of the nodes enable optimism conditions for customer experience and staff wellbeing.

Localised Sensors

Shield’s bespoke multi metric sensor can monitor light, temperature, humidity and presence – enabling proper control of multiple zones from a single sensor. The devices can be installed cost effectively and anywhere within a building to enable ‘super-localised’ and real time environmental condition monitoring.

Enhanced Wireless Security

CODA commissioning software provides a fast and secure method to create sophisticated mesh networks with ease.

  • All commissionable parameters can be amended via secure remote connectivity – minimising the need for site visits
  • Encrypted keys and are never shared over the air and ‘join mode’ risks are eliminated - maximising wireless security and robustness
  • Network config backups – replacement nodes can be sent to site pre-configured, minimising down time and engineer site visits.
  • Commissionable parameters can be pre-configured, prior to delivering – enabling speedy, seamless installation

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