What We Do

CODA puts the Internet of Things (IoT) to work for you digitalising estates for actionable insights and tangible business benefits.

CODA is a unique combination of cost effective monitoring COntrol and DAta analytics that helps you make better business decisions, reduce costs and optimise operations.

We have designed the solution with retrofit in mind so it is cost effective enough to install throughout your entire estate be that in a series of large industrial depots, medium sized commercial buildings or the smallest remote, rural outposts. We tailor our solutions to meet your exact requirements and changing business needs.

CODA delivers energy and opex cost savings across large estates

We achieve efficiency gains by combining IoT solutions with powerful, predictive data analytics, data integration capabilities powered by our cloud based software platform.

We are transforming the building controls market with IoT and big data to fully digitalise businesses in every sector from railways to retail, restaurants, education, manufacturing and beyond.

Bringing IoT solutions to the fore, we can connect a multitude of devices from within our clients’ buildings and estates and provide full visibility and digitalisation of building and business operations, equipment performance management and energy efficiency.

The ability to maximise the operational efficiency in buildings and deliver energy, carbon and operational savings is at the heart of what we do. We are also focused on improving staff welfare, customer experience, increasing asset life spans and reducing maintenance costs. We achieve this through continuous monitoring, intelligent controls and alerting.

Our solutions provide the granularity of data that is key to understanding how businesses, buildings and equipment operate. We engineer our IoT solutions and cloud based software to connect people, assets and energy costs - optimising buildings now and for the long term.

Our Technology

We have developed a range of smart devices and a software platform that makes it economically viable to retrofit into existing buildings for the first time. We combine sensor, consumption, control and power data to give customers unique visualisations of their estates. We then overlay this data with business intelligence, displayed via a centralised platform, for powerful yet intuitive analytics and real-time alerting.

We are creating IoT enabled buildings that will transform the way your business reacts and adapts to an evolving technological landscape; connected systems, connected buildings, connected intelligence.

We do this by providing energy, equipment and operational performance control solutions with cloud software, intelligent methodologies for analytics, alerting and delivering actionable insights for informed business decision making. Complete with mapping techniques, the cloud software delivers the ability to fully visualise a building down to individual systems and operations.

The solutions work to establish tangible financial, operational and environmental benefits that will help businesses reduce utilities and maintenance costs, optimise building and business processes and proactively assist in the drive to reduce CO2 emissions.

How Do We Do All of This?

CODA is the answer, it’s our bespoke device family and cloud-based software solution. Put simply, CODA is a unique combination of monitoring, COntrol and DAta analytics that supports businesses to reduce costs and optimise operations. The cloud software is sufficiently scalable and our device family robust enough to support very large estates, even in the most demanding industrial sectors.

Along with cost and operational savings, the big benefit of CODA is that it can be retrofitted into existing buildings and tailored to any business regardless of size and requirement from large depots to small rural outposts.

Metering Solutions

We install cost effective sub metering across entire building estates bringing a level of granularity to customers that enables superior benchmarking and digital visualisations of buildings for improved maintenance, asset management and energy savings.

Metering solutions are at the heart of CODA. Accurate metering is undertaken with sub metering and connectivity solutions.

Cost effective sub metering can be undertaken across entire estates bringing a superior level of detail. This enables accurate benchmarking and digital visualisations of buildings for improved maintenance, asset management and energy savings.

Existing metering can also be maximised by providing connectivity solutions and a centralised platform for data visualisation and alerting.

Connected to the cloud-based platform, these metering solutions provide smart analytics. Analytics and algorithms can spot patterns and inefficiencies and overlay with diverse data streams to validate and quantify efficiency levels. It takes the complexity out of identifying performance issues. Reporting to the customer through cloud based user interfaces and our web app.

Why Meter?

Energy data is key to understanding how and why our buildings (and the equipment within them) consume the amount of energy they do. Once you can understand how and why, you can start to make changes to optimise performance and minimise consumption and costs.

For example:

  • Buildings, and the equipment within them, continually degrade over time affecting performance and utility costs. Energy data can identify and alert on building and equipment performance and maintenance issues.
  • Building occupiers and their demands on the building’s internal environment has driven an increase in use of local controls for lighting, heating, cooling, etc. With local control often comes inefficient operation. Poor or improper use of local controls has a great impact on utility costs. Energy data can identify and alert against consumption increases and the likely impact on building and equipment running costs.

Legislation around smart meters and a move to HH billing, the government’s de-carbonisation agenda and the ever-increasing non-commodity costs are all impacting businesses and building owners. Understanding the make-up of your utilities bill and understanding how changes in building or system operations can greatly influence costs is ever more important for industry. Once you measure, you can take control and actively manage a reduction in utilities bills.

Smart Building Control

Smart building control is vital for accurate building management. It reduces reactive maintenance costs and builds trust in your property.

Intelligent building controls from CODA can be retrofitted into existing buildings and rolled out across property portfolios to automate savings perpetually.

The system design features both wired and wireless capabilities enabling a robust and cost-effective installation across any building type.

Equipment suitable for retrofit control includes: lighting (including RF DALI control and diagnostics of individual luminaires); electrical and wet heating systems; high level gas fired heating; extract equipment; kitchen appliances; hot water systems; HVAC; automatic doors and monitoring of walk-in chillers.

The Power of CODA

  • IoT networks and controls platforms, incorporating powerful algorithms with cloud-based analytics software.
  • Proactive maintenance regimes and engineering expertise – resulting in truly connected and optimised buildings.
  • Connectivity and granularity of data we collect from each building and individual piece of equipment is key to understanding how a building operates and consumes energy.
  • Equipment performance, operation and use are all evaluated and assessed.
  • Proactive maintenance and changes to individual or grouped control logic remain fluid for peak optimisation of buildings and internal assets.

Through CODA, savings in excess of 30% can be achieved.

Lighting Control

Dynamic lighting control is the one of the cornerstones of effective energy management.

We have developed a radio frequency solution so that individual luminaires can be fully controlled both locally and remotely for maximum energy savings and improved health & safety and operating parameters including emergency scenarios, enhanced operation of CCTV and safer exiting as well as minimal light pollution for buildings close to residential areas. The system is also enabled to continuously monitor and report on the health and operation of individual luminaires so that maintenance programs can be expertly managed, asset life extended and manufacturer warranties supported.

Core & Comms Module

At the heart of the family is a micro-processor powered core that communicates and connects with all other modules. The core signals commands to enable control of site assets and infrastructure in accordance with environmental conditions and specific client requirements.

The device collects data from all other modules that it uses to continuously commission for optimised savings. It transmits data over a highly secure, 128 bit encrypted mobile network to our cloud platform for powerful analytics and alerting.

The unique design enables ongoing intelligent automation even when cloud connectivity is disabled with built-in fail-safe design to ensure ongoing safe operation at customer sites.

Communication via GSM or LAN available.

Compatible with third party devices.

Localised Sensors

CODA’s bespoke multi metric sensor can monitor light, temperature, humidity and presence – enabling proper control of multiple zones from a single sensor. The devices can be installed cost effectively and anywhere within a building to enable ‘super-localised’ and real time environmental condition monitoring.

Smart Analytics

CODA takes energy management analytics to the next level. The analytics suite includes intuitive charting not only of half hourly consumption in kilowatt hours but also in several other essential metrics including voltage, current, volt amps and kilo watts. All essential for health checking and maintaining estates of buildings. In addition to main incoming supplies our analytics are fully enabled for sub-metering so that estates can be granulated to gain a deeper insight to building’s behaviour. At a glance facility and energy managers can see how much energy lifts, tenants supplies or lighting versus heating is being consumed.

Monitoring and Alerting

Managers responsible for entire estates or even single buildings can be notified via our cloud platform, SMS, or email against any set of conditions being met whether it be excessive consumption, power anomalies or even improvements in operation.

If you are looking to save energy, reduce reactive maintenance and better manage your entire estate please contact us.

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